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Galimoto Zebra

Galimoto Zebra

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This sweet wire‒wrapped toy from Kenya offers hours of play! When not in use, it's a whimsical décor item. Place it on your child's shelf, on top of a stack of books—it adds height and charm. The aluminum wire is wrapped in recycled fabric, a resourceful use of available materials. Zebra has leg warmers, wrist bands and sweat band that vary in color, making each one unique and ready to go. In Africa, homemade galimotos are "vehicles" of any kind and are made from all sorts of materials: sticks to cornstalks. This creatively crafted galimoto push toy is created from shaped wire wrapped in fabric by artisans of OTICART in Kenya. Materials: Aluminum wire, recycled fabric - Notes: Due to the handmade nature of the galimoto, size and colors may vary. - Measures: 6"W x 10"H with handle, it stands 30" overall - Colors: Zebra is black and white. The other colors vary widely, making each one unique. - Handcrafted in Kenya

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